Shahi Kheer

Contestant : Aalia Danish


Crushed cardmom-1tbsp,

Coconut powder-1 tbsp,

Cooked rice-1 1/2 cup,

Crushed almond, Pista, Kishmish-2 tbsp,


Milk-12 cup,

Sugar-1 1/2cup.
Boil the 10 cup milk by putting cardmom powder in kadai. When boils put cooked rice and slow the stove to cook slowly.try to stir after half an hour when it becomes thick paste mash It with masher. when one see good consistency of milk and rice put 2 cup boiled milk in it. now add sugar and coconut powder and kesar in boiling kheer. By well stiring observe the things that should not stuck to pan.when almost desired thickness of kheer achieved put crushed dry nuts according to taste. while keeping on slow stove,try as many times as can be done to avoid stucking to pan,can be served hot or cooled but put some dry nuts and kishmish while serving in bowls. Decorate with rose flowers.



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