Khajoori Surprise

Contestant: Gausia Shakeel

Entry: 3

Preparation time—10 min
Cooking time—10 MIN


1/4 Cup boiled and grated sweet potato

1/4 cup milk powder

1/4 cup coconut powder

10-15 dates( slit it horizontally and remove the seeds)

4 Tspn desi ghee
few drop of kewra water

Silver wark for decorating

Few chopped mix dry fruits ( Raisins,cashew and almonds)

For filling

Place kadai on induction at 140( fry) and add ghee in it , then grated sweet potato.stir it for 2-3 min. now reduce the temperature to 120(fry).Then add milk and coconut powder,mix well and add chopped dry fruits and kewra water in that.

Now on induction place kadai at temp 120(fry) add ghee, then add dates ,fry it about 2 min. Till it become soft and remove it from heat.

Final method.

Take the dates, open it and fill 1 Tspn prepared mixture in the center of it.repeat the process with all dates. cover it with silver wark and serve.

Tasty,guilt free (without any sugar), easy to prepare sweet is ready to be enjoyed with your loved ones.just pop it into your mouth and make yourself lost in the world of taste.


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