Dates-dry fruits chakri

Contestant name :Ritu Akash Manglik 

Entry: 10

Ingredients-,1cup fresh dates ,

1/4cup powdered sugar,

1/4cup chopped dry fruit of choice ,

1/2tsp cardamom powder,

desiccated coconut to garnish .

1. Grind fresh dates the to a pulp with sugar and cardamom powder.
2. Micro on medium for 3 minutes or till water evaporates and it is dry, stirring2 times in between.
3. Roll out with greased rolling pin on greased polythene sheet to make 6 inches disc.
4. Spreads chopped dry fruit and desiccated coconut evenly and roll the dates mixture towards you into a tube and Cut into 12-15 pieces to make chakri.
5. Serve garnished by desiccated coconut.

Note-If you do not use microwave, cook in nonstick pan till date – mixture is dry .



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