Khajur Barfi

Khajur Barfi recipe

Contestant:Vinaya Kamath

Entry: 2


200 gms dates (khajur)
100 gms mava (khoya)
2tsp khaskhas (poppy seeds)
50 gms sugar
5 cashewnuts (kaju) , slivered
5 almonds (badam) , slivered
1/2 tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder
2 tbsp ghee
1 cup milk
Remove the seeds from the dates and soak them in milk for about 2 hours and blend in a mixer to a coarse paste.Heat the ghee in a kadhai, add khaskhas, then add the dates puree and saute till it leaves the sides of the vessel. Add the khoya, mix well and saute till the ghee starts coming out. Add the cardamom powder, mix well and transfer the mixture into a greased plate and decorate with slivers of cashew and almonds.
When cool, cut it into desired shape. Dates are a good source of iron. This barfi is nutritious yet mouth watering. Specially loved by friends at Iftar and served with lots of Love! 



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