Organize your spice drawer

Herbs and spices add incredible flavor to the dishes, but if and only if  they’re fresh ! Here are our tips for organizing  your spices which will help for prolonged  freshness  and providing easy accessibility.

1.Throw away all the old spices 

Unlike fresh food, spices don’t actually spoil or go bad. What does happen, is  they will lose flavor and potency over time.Old spices won’t season your cooking in the same way and they can add disagreeable off flavors. Always check the expiration date and if you are unable to find it, use your senses.Always Make sure that the spices are still having the strong smell, taste potent and got the rich color. Any lack of these characteristics means that the spice is not worth keeping.Then throw away it !

2.Clean and label

Clean any empty spice bottles that you want to keep, always make sure that it is completely dry before you refill it. Make sure that you label everything clearly.

3.Store away from Heat,Light and Air

Spices last longer when they are stored in airtight containers, and away from damaging heat and light. The worst places are keeping them by windows or next to the stove or oven, so find a new spot that is away from direct heat,light and air exposure.You can either store them in a drawer or a shelf

4.Organize them

Once you  picked a place to store your spices,you have to organize properly so that you can pick it easily.  You can arrange them according to your cooking style or according to category.


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