Blackberry Lemonade


fresh blackberry

For Lemonade

sugar- half cup

boiled water-3 1/2cups

lemon juice – from 3 or 4 lemons

For Blackberry puree

Blackberries- 1 cup

 water- 1 tbsp


  1. Before juicing the lemons, rub the skin aggressively with ½ cup of granulated sugar. This will help to release the natural oils in the lemon skin and gives a good aroma to the sugar.
  2. take a small bowl and combine ½ cup of  boiled water with the granulated sugar mixture which is already prepared  to create a simple syrup.Stir it well until the sugar has completely dissolved. Keep it aside for some time.
  3. Combine the remaining 3 cups of water, lemon juice and simple syrup in a pitcher. Stir it well  and Place it in the refrigerator and keep chilled until ready to serve.
  4. While lemonade is chilling, purée the  blackberries and water in a food processor until liquefied. Strain, reserving the juice and discarding the blackberry pulp.
  5. Add puree to lemonade and chill mixture longer if necessary. Pour it over ice and serve.

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