Alleppy Fish Curry


1)Fish -600gm -Cut into cubes

2)Shallots –approx  60 gm ,finely sliced.

3)Ginger -3 inch root ,finely sliced .

4)Curry leaves -2 springs

5)green chilli -4 nos, slit lengthwise

6)1st Coconut Milk -300 ml

7)2nd Coconut Milk -300 ml

8) Salt to taste

9) Eastern Alleppey fish masala -3tbsp.

10)Raw mangoes -2 nos (Medium size cut in to slices )If not available  can use Cambodge

11) Coconut oil -2tbsp .

Preparation :

Method :

Add shallots ,Ginger, Curry Leaves, Green Chillies  to coconut oil and fry for two minutes in an earthen pot .Then add Eastern Alleppey fish masala, salt, the pieces of fish ,2nd coconut milk, Mango slices(or cambodge),cover and bring to boil .Now reduce the flame to medium and cook for further 20 minutes .Remove from flame  add the 1st milk of coconut and stir .Garnish with slit green chilli  and curry leaves .Serve  hot  with rice or Appam .


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