Rava Ladu

rava ladoo

Eastern Roasted Rava: 200 gms
Coconut: 1
Sugar: 200 gms
Ghee: 200 gms
Nutmeg: half a pinch
Cardamom ground: a pinch
Dry fruits: kismis, badam and kaju -as per your liking
Grate one whole coconut and add sugar to it. Keep this mixture aside in a bowl. Slightly Roast the rava in a non-stick pan till it attains a light brown colour. Take the pan off the stove. Add ghee to it. Pour the grated coconut with sugar on the layer of rava and ghee. Mix the ingredients well. Add nutmeg and cardamom to it and mix well.
Start making laddoos by taking the laddoo mixture in your palm. You can decide on the size of the laddoo on how big or how small you want them to be. Embed the dry fruits as you make each laddoo in your palm.
Once the entire lot is done, let your little ones feast on it.

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