Fruit Delight

Fruit Delight


Marie biscuit 100gms
Melted butter 2tbs
Jelly crystal 50 gm
Chopped fruit as per ur choice 1/2 cup
Sugar 1tbs
Water 200ml
1st of all corsely grind biscuits in mixer and add melted butter in it . now take a tart dish and place the mixture with help of spatula and keep it in fridge for 1/2 an hour .
now take ur favorite fruit and chop it finely.(i’v taken apple plum and pomegranate ) and add sugar in it and let it soften in it .
Now take 200 ml water and when it start boiling add jelly crystal in it and stir it continuosly till it dissolve nicely cook for 5 minuts and turn off the flame.
now take the jelly mixture (don’t wait 4 cooling otherwise it will start to set)and mix ur chopped fruits in it (squeez extra water )and now pour this mixture in ur tart sell and let it set in fridge for another 1 hour and enjoy ur fruity wedges.

Recipe by: Aprajita Trivedi(Eastern Snap Your Dish Contestant, Aug13)
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